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Spring Is Almost Here!!!

May 2018

Super excited to be trying out my elour music with a band in May!! I'll be at the 331 every Tuesday for my residency. Music will start at 9:30pm! check back in to see who the special guests of the night will be!! Can't wait!!

Photo by Hanna Agar Photography

Photo by Hanna Agar Photography

I'm back at the Icehouse!!! It's been a while but I'll be back on the 31st of March for brunch 11-2pm playing some of your favorite folk tunes!! Hope you can join me!

March 2018

Img 2730

November 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner but that's not all you have to look forward to! Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners are playing at The Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis on November 30th at 9pm! I hope to see you! 

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October 2017

Whaaahaaa aaahh! That’s my evil ghost laugh! Happy October. I hope you are all doing well and the season change (for some of us) is going well. The darkness is starting to set in early and there’s the brisk morning air as well as the chilly nights.

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So here’s my month: Monday Oct. 16th I am playing solo at Pimento on Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis at 9pm. Tuesday, Oct. 17th Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners are at the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis playing from 9pm to 10pm. Wednesday, Oct. 18th I’ll be playing at Carbone’s in Minneapolis with fiddle player Tony Comeau from 7-9pm. Sunday, Oct. 22nd Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners will be playing trio style at the Icehouse 11am to 2pm.

September 2017 

So, I have blond hair that's new!! I've had it before but it's been a while! Change is always fun!!

Daisy's blond mom!

Daisy's blond mom!

Sacred Heart Music Center

Sacred Heart Music Center

 I have had an active month thus far traveling almost every weekend and playing a lot of shows that recognize women in particular! I was at a Femme Fest in Nebraska sharing the stage with many talented musicians and then also took part in FeMNfest in Duluth! It’s been so inspiring to hear so many talented women musicians and I come away with a lot of new ideas for my own music! 

Img 0991

I have also been enjoying checking out the different music scenes and getting to meet new people. I love to be on the road going to new places even if they aren’t far away! I went to Eau Claire to play a show at the college at the beginning of the month and will be heading to Osceola, WI to be a part of a micro-concert series at Pitch Blue Studio on Sept. 30th. 

This coming weekend, Sept. 23 I will be playing at an event to raise money to help support victims of human trafficking. The event starts at 4pm at the Outpost Bar in Ramsey, MN. For more information go to: http://www.breakingfree.net/

photo by Hanna Agar Photography

photo by Hanna Agar Photography

May and June 2017 

Coming up in the lovely month of May (along with my birthday!) is the Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl!! I am happy to be partaking in that awesome experience on May 19th at the A-Mill Artists Lofts at 5pm. On May 24th Johnny Kovarik and I will be heading to the Friendship Village assisted living facility and playing our favorite folk tunes as well as originals! It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction we get there! Hopefully we will be able to bring up some fond memories for people! Also this month I am happy to be using some new lovely photos from one of the most talented photographers I know- Hanna Agar Karlstad! It's so great to share pictures that are able to emit emotion and style and hopefully a bit of my personality too! 

Moving on to June, on the 8th I'll be playing on a porch in the Kingfield neighborhood for their annual Porchfest event! The Kingfield neighborhood is one I am quite familiar with because my sister lives there, along with some other of my dear friends, so I will be happy to share my music with a such a caring community! 

Hanna Agar photography

Hanna Agar photography

The Heighburners have some fun events coming up in June! On the 22nd we will be at the Bakken Museum from 5:30-9:30pm playing some of our favorite tunes and enjoying the unique venue. On June 25th we will be at one of our favorite Minneapolis venues, The Icehouse playing the brunch set from 11-2pm and then on June 29th we will be combining my two favorite things, nature and music, when we perform at Minnehaha Falls at 7pm. I hope you will be there to share some of these cool experiences with us!

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New Mexico Snow!

New Mexico Snow!

Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners are back at the Ice House this month on March 25th from 11-2pm. We love it there and I know you will too! So, if you haven't checked out a brunch yet, please do! You won't regret it! 
March 2017
Well, it sure feels like Spring but I am hoping for a little bit of snow this weekend because Johnny Kovarik and I will be playing a duo set Saturday March 11, from 4:30pm-7:00pm at Trollhaugen ski resort in Wisconsin. Never thought I'd say this but "fingers crossed for snow!" 
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Icehouse feb 2017 pic
The Heighburners are gettin' down to business and finally filming a video! Can't wait to share it with you all! We are filming the whole band playing three original songs LIVE! I've never done anything like this before so it will be a whole new experience for me. Definitely looking forward to it! So be sure to stay tuned! 
November 2016

It's the longest fall ever! And boy, have I been enjoying it! Except for the fact that it is  a direct result of Global Warming. 

Johnny and I had an awesome tour! We were given such great feedback and being on the road was completely energizing for me! 


It's been a little challenging to come back home and move at a slower pace again. I miss the excitement of the road and as it happens this month is a relatively mellow one! I guess I'll have a lot of time for songwriting and I've been wanting to learn some new covers and now I can! The Heighburners have already had a couple fun shows this month at two of my favorite Minneapolis venues: Aster Cafe and the Icehouse! Our next full band show will be on Dec. 7th at Vieux Carre in St. Paul.

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11.18 I'll be at Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls playing a Slippery People show with Frogleg! It will be a party for sure! 
Icehouse 11 13 2
Rockwood picture

11.21 Johnny Kovarik and I will be doing our duo set at The Reverie in Mpls. We have a few new songs we will be adding to the mix so it will definitely be a treat for some of our regular fans! 
Slipper people nov 4

October 2016

Ahh! It's beautiful out! Perfect weather. Sun, lovely colors and cool fall breezes! Plus, I have lots of great gigs coming up! Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners are playing a couple fun gigs, 10.06 we are at the 331 Club with a new group called the Honey Bottoms! We go on around 10:30pm. If that's too late of an evening for you, check us out at the Icehouse 10.15, 11-2pm. 
Johnny and i michigan b w
Hanna Agar Photography

Hanna Agar Photography

I feel very fortunate to playing at Adam Granger's concert with Johnny Kovarik 10.08. Adam Granger is a Mpls. based musician most notably known for performing in Prairie Home Companion's house band for many years! He's so talented an all around wonderful person! Definitely someone to check out or study with! ha! (He's my guitar teacher!)
Other duo shows this month: 10.10. Lee's Liquor Lounge at 10pm and then Dusty's Bar with Doug Otto 10.16 at 6pm. 
Me smiling on nashville stage

I am super excited to announce another tour!! Johnny Kovarik and I are going to New York on our Breaking out Tour! We can't wait! Here's where we are going:

10.26    Mid-West Music Store, Winona | 7pm
10.27    Louie's Back Room,  Kalamazoo, MI | 9pm 
10.28    Twisted Tail, Philadelphia, PA  | 7:30pm
10.29    Rockwood Music Hall, NY, NY  | 4pm
10.30    Silvana, NY, NY | 7pm

September 2016

September started out with a great CD Release Party at the 331 club! The Heighburners had an awesome turn out and it was one big party! I am so happy Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners have their 2nd EP. Check out our tracks under the music tab!
Hanna Agar Photography

Hanna Agar Photography

Middle of the month Johnny Kovarik (banjo player from The Heighburners) and I hit the road and head out on a mini-tour: 

9.13 THE ELBO ROOM Chicago, IL 10pm 
9.14 BENT RAIL BREWERY Indianapolis, IN showtime: TBA 
9.16 MYSTERY PUBLIC HOUSE Hillsborough, NC 8:30pm 
9.17 CAFFE DRIADE Chapel Hill, NC 8pm 


Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners have a couple home shows this month: Sept. 9th we are at the Viking Bar 9pm. Opening the night for KP and Tony Comeau. Sept. 22nd we are at the Aster Cafe 9pm.
photo credit: <a href='http://hannaagar.com/' target='_blank'>Hanna Agar</a>

photo credit: Hanna Agar

Me josh and johnny at summit brewery
Photo Credit: <a href='http://hannaagar.com/' target="_blank">Hanna Agar</a>

Photo Credit: Hanna Agar

Stompers retreat
To close out the month Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburner Trio are playing an awesome La Crosse venue: The Root Note with special guest Doug Otto Sept. 23, 9pm. And finally ending the month with The 4onthefloor STOMPERS RETREAT in Mont Du Lac Sept. 30, 6:30pm.
Harriet picture of full band
July 2016

July has begun and  has already been full of fun events but there are still more to come!
Friday, July 15th the full Heighburners band will be at The Nomad on the West Bank. Our friends from The Thirsty River are hosting the event.  Nick Rodriguez will be opening up the evening and The Heighburners will take the stage at 10:30pm.


Then we are back at our usual hang out July 17th for brunch at the Icehouse! 11am-2pm.

Me outside icehouse
May 2016
May is such a special month, mostly because it's my birth month but also because the weather finally gets warm and summer is just on the horizon! Plus, I have a couple of fun shows that you won't want to miss!!

May 13th The Heighburners will be at Harriet Brewing for two sets! 7-9pm. It's a Friday, so why not come out!

To close out the month I will be at my regular Monday night gig on July 18th at the Reverie music starts at 8pm and  I'll be trying out some new tunes at 10pm. The Heighburners Trio will be at Dusty' s Bar with the talented Doug Otto and The Getaways July 24th at 6pm.
Elizabeth and josh pic

May 29th get you Heigburner's brunch fix at the Icehouse 11am-2pm.
If Mondays get you down then you just need to go out to feel better! The Reverie on Nicollet is just the place to do that. On May 16th I will be there (like I am every third Monday!) performing a set solo or duo set at 10pm for Geoffrey Fischbein's ONLY EVERY MONDAY artist showcase! Check it out! 
Dakota band picture
April 2016
How time flies!!! Coming up this week the Heighburners will be back at The Vieux Carre! Super excited as always. It's such a lovely place so I hope you'll join us 4/6 from 8pm-11pm. 
Photo on 11 7 15 at 4 58 pm 5
Vieux carre promo photo
December gig photo 2
Heighburners at the icehouse
April 22nd The Heighburners will be at the Dakota doing the late night show! 11:30pm! Can't wait! But if you're not a fan of the night join us for brunch at the always lovely Icehouse on April 30th 11am-2pm.

February 2016 

So it's a busy month! The Heighburners are still in the studio at RiverRocks recording our second EP! So far things are sounding good! Thanks Kevin, Josh, Matt and Johnny! 

The Heighburners will be heading to the 331 Club a couple of times, the 2nd and the 25th of the month! It has been a while so it will be good to play with some of our friends there again.

Slippery People are taking on the Cabooze the 13th! Looking forward to my second year of doing the Talking Heads Tribute show.


December 2015 

So the month of December is going to be a full one for me! 
But just to name a few of the bigger ones 

Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners will be at the Aster Cafe December 13th.
Lee Henke is opening the night at 7pm and Heighburners will hit the stage at 7:45.

blueVelvet Jazz Trio at The Troubadour Wine Bar December 19th, 9:30-11:30pm
blueVelvet Jazz Trio will be back at The Troubadour Wine Bar the 19th of December. We will be doing a regular Jazz Standards as well as some Holiday Tunes to make your evening merry! 

Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners at the Icehouse December 27th, 11-2pm

The Heighburners have been enjoying our brunches at the Icehouse! Come have a pleasant morning with us on the 27th. It's such a lovely way to end your holiday weekend. 
Hope to see you soon!

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Previous events

Fuel Hope Live

JR's outpost, 6141 U.S. Highway 10, Ramsey, MN

I am playing a solo set at JR's Outpost to help Fuel Hope raise awareness of Human Trafficking, and to support organizations that are on the front lines fighting for Human Trafficking victims both domestically and internationally. Please come and support a good cause!

Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners at Farm Table

 —  —

Farm Table, 110 Keller Ave. N, Amery, Wisconsin

Enjoy the end of the summer with us as we Picnic on the Patio before the blustery winds begin. Enjoy a classic BBQ menu featuring: Savory BBQ brisket, coleslaw, baked beans, cornbread, and a great variety of craft beers. - Farm Table

The Heighburners at Minnehaha Falls

Elizabeth Ghandour at Pub 500 in Mankato

 —  —

Pub 500 , Mankato, MN

Do you live in Mankato? Or nearby? Come have brunch and listen to some fun covers and originals by yours truly!

Elizabeth Ghandour w/ Johnny Kovarik St. Paul Art Crawl!

 —  —

AZ Gallery, 308 E Prince St # 130, St. Paul, MN

Take part in the St. Paul Art Crawl at the AZ Gallery on April 29th. Johnny Kovarik and I will be accompanying some of the lovely art! Come by and say Hi!

Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners at the Mid-West Music Festival!

 —  —

Eagles Club, Winona, MN

The Heighburners are so excited to be a part of the Mid-West Music festival in Winona, Friday April 28th! Come hang out for the weekend with us!

Elizabeth Ghandour The Heighburners at the 331 Club

331 Club, 331 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis MN

Elizabeth Ghandour & The Heighburners are are taking part in Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders residency at the 331 Club. Come out on April 6th! Music starts at 10pm. Heighburners hit the stage at 11:30pm! Can't wait! Stay out late just once!

Elizabeth Ghandour w/ Johnny Kovarik at Trollhaugen

 —  —

Skolhaugen Lounge, 2232 100th Ave , Dresser, Wisconsin

Ok, so it may feel like Spring but there is still snow at Trollhaugen so come hang out- ski and come in for a drink and music by yours truly and Johnny Kovarik!! We'd love to see you there!